Shark Breeding Program

The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary runs breeding programs, helping to protect endangered sharks. These incredible creatures are often misunderstood and generalised by many as being threats to humans, however often this is not the case.

Shark Fishing

Anti-Shark Finning

SEA LIFE works with several conservation partners, and petitions governments to help stop the grisly and highly-destructive shark finning industry. Sharks are rapidly becoming an endangered species simply because their fins are sought after for the lucrative Shark Fin Soup market. For many it seems the loss of sharks is an acceptable loss. After all, sharks are voracious, fearless predators of humans right? Far from it actually, sharks actually have little or no taste for humans; on average only 100 people a year are bitten by a shark worldwide and just 5-10 die.


SEA LIFE takes part in a Shark tagging program to collect data about movement, distribution and migration of sharks which leads to the development of better conservation and fishing policies. Most sharks serve as top predators at the pinnacle of the marine food pyramid, and so play a critical role in ocean ecosystems. Directly or indirectly they regulate the natural balance of these ecosystems – at all levels – and so are an integral part of them. The effects of removing sharks from ocean ecosystems, although complex and rather unpredictable, are likely to be ecologically and economically damaging.

Get Involved

  • Avoid products made from sharks such as traditional Asian Medicines
  • Please don't eat shark fin soup or Rock Salmon - and avoid restaurants that serve it
  • You can also join online campaigns but the Shark Trust and Save our Seas. Sign the petitions that request the international banning of shark-finning and important fins.

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