Green turtle

Green Sea Turtle

The Green Sea Turtle has a wide distribution and is found in subtropical and tropical seas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

Compared to fish, turtles need to appear to the surface to breathe. A notable feature of the turtles is that the females swim thousands of miles across the oceans to lay their eggs on the same beach where they were born.
The Green Sea Turtle at SEA LIFE Oberhausen shares the 2 million l tropical Ocean tank with Black Tip Reef Sharks and a Sawfish.

Things to Do:

  • Watch her loving keepers feeding our Sea Turtles with broccoli, lettuce, apple and cucumber
  • Find out why Green Turtles are vegetarians
  • Explore how the curious Sea Turtle glide smoothly through the water
  • Learn why these kind of turtles are endangered
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