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Come and Join us for the Shark Weeks at SEA LIFE Paris !

This event is primarily taking place in order to raise awareness about the protection of sharks and to teach visitors even more things on these amazing predators, it’ll also be focused on supporting and promoting the new Shark Trust campaign called No limits? In a fun, interactive and child friendly way.
The SEA LIFE Marine Conservation Trust is sponsoring this event this year and is donating £10,000 to the campaign.
SEA LIFE Paris centre will be promoting No Limits? Campaign during Shark Weeks event in July.

The Shark Weeks program

Come and meet our 13 different species of sharks at SEA LIFE Paris and discover their fascinating world through the numerous interactions and animations put in place for this event:
- Activity packs and games about sharks
- Special speeches on sharks
- The petition to support the No Limits? Campaign of Shark Trust.
The event will be a fundraising week for the SEA LIFE Marine Conservation Trust. SEA LIFE Paris staff will be also collecting signatures on a petition and for children who are too young to sign, there will be a ballot box in which they can post their little coupon pledges.

What’s the No Limits? campaign

This campaign highlights the urgent need for science-based catch limits in Europe for Blue Sharks, Shortfin Mako Sharks, Tope, Smoothhounds and Catsharks – Species currently open to unchecked exploitation and unrestricted trade.
Europe is a significant global shark fishing power: three of the top twenty shark fishing nations are European (Spain, Portugal and France). Blue and Shortfin Mako Sharks make up over 80% of reported EU shark landings – yet there are no EU or international limits on the catch or trade of these species.
By enforcing sustainable shark-fishing catch limits on EU fisheries shark populations would benefit around the globe!
The Shark Trust’s main objectives are to secure the scientific advice needed for the species in question and to advocate for the adoption of science-based catch limits to be implemented by EU fisheries.

Our actions at SEA LIFE Paris?

SEA LIFE Paris aquarium chose to set up from the beginning of July (the Shark Weeks campaign) to raise visitors’ awareness of the importance of the protection of these different shark species. Every signature will count to save the ecosystem of our marine wildlife.

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