Conservation is at the heart of everything we do, and can be tied into many subjects delivered in the classroom.

Find out more about the key conservation organisations SEA LIFE work with:

Earth Sea & Sky

Earth Sea & Sky

To protect sea turtle nesting beaches and build a vital turtle rescue centre in Zakynthos, Greece. SEA LIFE embarked on this partnership after collaborating with Earth, Sea & Sky to re-house three disabled loggerhead turtles from a rescue centre in Athens to SEA LIFE centres in the UK.

Zakynthos hosts the biggest concentration of loggerhead nests in the Mediterranean. As well as providing more immediate care for injured turtles found on the island’s shores, the new rescue facility will help educate holidaymakers to avoid disturbing or damaging nests as they enjoy their vacations.

Seahorse Trust

The Seahorse Trust

To monitor and protect seahorses, and raise awareness of their conservation needs around the world. SEA LIFE centres have long been pioneers in the field of seahorse breeding and share husbandry knowledge with other aquaria around the world. Our own captive-bred seahorse babies have helped stock educational displays across Europe.


The Shark Trust

To promote shark conservation worldwide. SEA LIFE has long striven to persuade people that sharks are not mindless man-eaters, but graceful and fascinating creatures worthy of protection rather than persecution. To that end it has worked with The Shark Trust on a number of projects, notably a petition which helped persuade the EU to prohibit shark-finning in European waters. More recently the SEA LIFE network mounts a major campaign to promote shark conservation during annual European Shark Weeks in October.



In efforts to put an end to whaling and to the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity. Are your school lunches whale friendly? Involve your pupils in their school ‘whale-friendly fish campaign: good for kids great for whales’. Sea Life supports annual ‘Walk For Whales’ fundraisers and has even hosted in conjunction with WDCS a junior version of the International Whaling Commission which sees Governments coming together annually to discuss, among other things, a moratorium on the hunting of whales.

Dive into a magical underwater world filled with a dazzling array of amazing creatures. From face-to-face encounters with sharks to a hands-on rock-pool experience, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy at SEA LIFE.

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