Clownfish “Finding Nemo” are beautiful little fish. Take a peek at the main coral display and you’ll see them on the far right of the tank. They don’t like to stray too far from their home base – usually a sea anemone. They are also able to change sex, which the dominant male would normally do when (if) the female dies.
Unlike other fish, the Clownfish is able to swim freely between the poisonous tentacles of an anemone without being stung. This gives them protection and is a very good reason to take up residence!

Things to do:

  • Spot the Clownfish hiding in the Coral reefs
  • Watch how shy and secretive the Clownfish are
  • Find out why Clownfish eat marine flake foods, small shrimp
  • See the the larger Maroon Clownfish in the same display. (They look a bit more thuggish and have a dusty red colouration)
  • Watch how fast the Clownfish dash around their kingdom
  • Discover how Clownfish become immune to the sea anemones where they live
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