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At SEA LIFE we are committed to our Oceans Preservation. Find out all about our Conservation projects.

SEA LIFE plays a role of dual importance in the preservation of oceans and future generations. In addition to providing millions of people with daily unique experiences of discovery of the wonders of the marine world, we promote preservation through social awareness and education.

Whatever the threat to marine life, be it the result of human activity, of changes in the wild population or as result of such phenomena as global warming, we do not just identify and point. We act!

We are pioneers in the reproduction of seahorses in captivity, one of the most incredible ocean species, but also one of the most endangered. Up to this date, nine distinct species have already been reproduced.

The Sanctuaries are a sub-brand of SEA LIFE, whose mission is to rescue, care and return to wild seals and turtles among other marine animals, which washed ashore sick or injured. Every year we rescue about 100 baby seals!

We provide a home for marine animals that are seriously injured or impaired, that were saved and would otherwise not survive.
To provide a home to these fantastic animals, examples of survival, is a unique opportunity to show daily to our visitors how small day-to-day gestures can really make a difference.

Awareness campaigns
We are activists on the issue of Oceans and Marine Life Preservation. We have a role to play in the education of the public opinion. To achieve that goal, we regularly develop campaigns called SOS Oceans.
In 2010, SEA LIFE joined WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) in an Awareness Campaign to stop commercial whaling. Earlier in 2001, a petition carried out by the SOS SEA LIFE project originated a severe penalty for the Greek government and forced it to intensify the protection of beaches where Loggerhead turtles, an endangered species, lays its eggs. In 2002/2003, a separate petition carried out by the SOS project accelerated the ban on the barbaric practice of "finning" (that is, to fish for sharks, cut off their fins and throw them back into the sea, alive and in distress) in European waters.
And we won’t stop here. We will always get involved!
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