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Flowrdier News 2

Manx Basking Shark Heads to Morocco for the Winter.

Manx Basking Shark Watch is delighted to announce that a basking shark they tagged in Manx waters on August 7th has travelled all the way to Moroccan waters!

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SEA LIFE Blackpool and Manx Basking Shark Watch have tagged a Basking Shark

Track Flowriders movements as he travels across the oceans.

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Join Charlie the Panther Chameleon this St Patrick's Day!

Top of the morning to you! Charlie the Chameleon goes green for St Patrick’s Day

Charlie the Panther Chameleon at SEA LIFE Blackpool will be as hard to spot as a leprechaun this St. Patricks Day.

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Don't miss these flirty seahorses on your trip to Blackpool

There must be something in the water! Love is all around at SEA LIFE Blackpool

Love is in the air as cupid aims his bow at some of SEA LIFE Blackpool’s most loveable creatures.

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Feeling blue with Napoleon the Humphead Wrasse

Feeling Blue at SEA LIFE Blackpool

Monday 26th January 2015 is officially ‘Blue Monday’, however the team at SEA LIFE Blackpool are offering the chance to turn this around and cheer you up with an offer that will banish the January blues.

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Moshi Monsters at SEA LIFE Blackpool

Meet and Eat with the Moshi Monsters

Calling all Moshi fans and Moshling collectors! SEA LIFE Blackpool is giving you the chance to meet ALL 3 of your favourite Moshi Monsters on Saturday 1st November 2014 ONLY.

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Big Daddy - OFFICIALLY The World's Largest Crab!

Big Daddy ‘crabs’ a World Record

SEA LIFE Blackpool’s famous Giant Japanese Spider Crab makes a record breaking splash.

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Orlando the Octopus

High and Dry Octopus Rescued

An octopus is recovering at SEA LIFE Blackpool after being left high-and-dry on the promenade.

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Mini Movie

SEA LIFE Blackpool Mini Movie

Follow one child's amazing adventure at SEA LIFE Blackpool in this mini movie.

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Baby Ray

Ray Babies Thriving In New Nursery

Britain’s first purpose-built nursery for baby rays has notched up 18 successful births. The new unit at SEA LIFE Blackpool was launched last year as part of our breeding programme.

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Merlin's Magic Bus Launch 121x121

Merlin Unveils Life Changing Magic Bus

Merlin Entertainments’ own charity, Merlin’s Magic Wand, has unveiled a specially adapted bus that is set to transform the lives of the children of Brian House Hospice.

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Big Daddy's Sushi Treat

Sushi Treat for Japanese Crab

SEA LIFE marine expert Scott Blacker has turned ‘sushi chef’ to help keep the world’s biggest crab fit and healthy.

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Wail for Whales

A campaign to end whaling by stopping the trafficking of whale products through UK and other European ports launches (Monday, June 23rd) at SEA LIFE Blackpool.

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Big Daddy - The World's Largest Crab!

The Daddy of All Days Out

This Father’s Day enjoy the Daddy of all days out at SEA LIFE Blackpool. Join us on Father’s Day and pay a visit to the world’s largest crab: Big Daddy! PLUS free entry for Dads!

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Hurry! Catch Octonauts Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso while you can at SEA LIFE Blackpool

ALL three intrepid guardians of marine life, the Octonauts, are now at SEA LIFE Blackpool - the only Centre in the UK to host all three.

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Black Tip Reef Shark

Arrival of Black Tip Shark group as part of SEA LIFE Blackpool’s Shark Watchers Breeding Programme

SEA LIFE Blackpool has welcomed three Black Tip Sharks who have taken up residence in the popular Ocean Display. They are to become part of a special new programme where visitors will be recruited as ‘Shark Watchers.’

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Boris and Betty

Boris Joins Betty in Blackpool

True love runs deep…….in the deep display at Blackpool SEA LIFE that is! A PAIR of love sick sharks have been reunited in Blackpool. Boris the Bowmouth Guitar Shark has safely arrived at the seaside town to be with Betty, which makes them the UK’s only pair of Bowmouth Guitar Sharks in captivity.

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Octopus Hideout

Octopus Hideout Arrives

Brainy, Blue-Blooded Sea Creatures With Three Hearts Apiece in Valentine’s Day Debut at SEA LIFE Blackpool. Some of nature’s brainiest creatures arrive at SEA LIFE Blackpool this week.

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SEA LIFE fish won't be lonely this Xmas!

SEA LIFE Blackpool creatures won’t be ‘lonely this Christmas’

As Christmas approaches, the team at SEA LIFE Blackpool have devised a festive plan to keep the creatures company when the centre closes for Christmas Day.

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Merry Fishmas!

Merry ‘Fishmas’ from SEA LIFE Blackpool

The team at SEA LIFE Blackpool have come up with a novel way to ‘decorate’ the Kingdom of the Seahorses’ area of the centre by adding Christmas baubles to each of the tanks.

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Ho ho ho it's sharky's grotto!

Ho Ho Ho its Sharky’s Grotto

SEA LIFE Blackpool celebrates a very merry ‘Fishmas’ as it opens Sharky’s Grotto.

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Betty the Bowmouth Guitar Shark

Betty Returns to Blackpool

Breeding Programme Heads to Seaside Town. Experts from Blackpool’s SEA LIFE Centre headed down to Birmingham today to help carry out a pregnancy test on a six-foot tropical shark.

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Blackpool's sea water is teeming with life!

A colony of lesser pipefish or Nilsson’s pipefish, part of the Sea Horse family, has been found thriving off the coast of the North West’s most famous seaside town.

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50 Shades of Ray

New Whip Training for Underwater Team
The SEA LIFE Blackpool dive team are set to receive specialist training in dealing with whips and barbs as they prepare to take delivery of one of their most dangerous creatures yet.

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The Octonauts

Octonauts On Tour at SEA LIFE Blackpool

Those intrepid guardians of marine life, the Octonauts, are bringing their mission to SEA LIFE Blackpool 20 July – 2 September.

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Bid To Combat Cyanide Fishing

A project aimed at curbing the deadly practice of cyanide fishing has been launched today (Monday, July 1st) by the UK-based SEA LIFE centre network.

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Celebrate World Ocean Day with a fin-tastic offer: Dare you Snorkel with Sharks in Blackpool?

To celebrate World Ocean Day, throughout this weekend Sea Life Blackpool is raising awareness of the Big Fish Campaign and offering their new Snorkelling with Sharks experience for a special discounted rate of just £40 per person or a family of four for £150.

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Blackpool Attractions show their love for Dad's: Special Offers to celebrate Father's Day

This Father’s Day, some of Blackpool’s most famous attractions are celebrating by offering some fantastic deals to ensure no matter the budget, Dads are given a special treat on Sunday 16 June.

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Timmy Time at SEA LIFE

Join TV Star ‘Timmy’ At Sea Life Blackpool this half term

Fans of Aardman creation Timmy Time are in for a baaaa-rilliant treat at Sea Life Blackpool this half term.

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Plastic Bag Amnesty Conservation Event Launches Turtle Fest’ 2013

SEA LIFE Blackpool is launching its annual month-long Turtle Fest’ on Monday 13 May, aimed at raising awareness of the plight of turtles across the world, with a Plastic Bag Amnesty.

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Big Daddy

Big Daddy has arrived!

Big Daddy, the World's Largest Crab, has arrived at SEA LIFE Blackpool!

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National Juvenile Ray Nursery

SEA LIFE Blackpool has become the UK's first national juvenile ray nursery, as part of a new breeding programme aimed at protecting Britain’s native ray population. The new nursery facility is specially designed to nurture baby rays from infancy through to adulthood.

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Shark Move

As part of a new project for SEA LIFE Blackpool the staff at the centre have waved goodbye to the majority of their beloved sharks this week, as they head off to new homes and ‘holiday homes’ across the UK.


Marine Conservation Postcard Petition

Marine Conservation Petition Launched

The network of Marine Conservation Zones covering just under a third of UK coastal waters has been proposed following a two year, £10-million study on behalf of fisheries department DEFRA.

SEA LIFE Blackpool is asking its visitors to help make sure the Government approves 127 proposed safe havens for coastal marine life.


Beach Clean

Help keep Blackpool's beach clean

SEA LIFE Blackpool have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society, Blackpool Council, the Environment Agency and United Utilities to keep Blackpool's beach clean...and we need your help!


Shark Week

Shark Week
(20th October – 4th November)

We're hosting a special Shark Week in celebration of one of natures most magnificent but misunderstood creatures. See Sharks in all shapes and sizes and learn to identify different types when we take you on a fin-tastic journey!


Pirate Adventure Golf celebrates 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'

On Wednesday 19 September through to Sunday 23 September, children and adults alike can take part in some great pirate fun. Customers who dress up as a pirate and ask for a ticket like a pirate will get free entry to the attraction.


Coconut Crab

World First for Giant Crab at SEA LIFE Blackpool!!

BUSTER, a three-year-old giant one metre long Coconut Crab has caused a stir amongst the marine biologist community by becoming the first of his kind to moult his shell in any of the SEA LIFE attractions worldwide.


Mississippi Map Turtle

Terrific Turtles Head To Blackpool

A spectacular new refuge for freshwater turtles will be unveiled at SEA LIFE Blackpool this February half term and will provide visitors with a unique and exciting view into their world.


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