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Here at SEA LIFE, we've spent the last 30 years developing our attractions into the spectacular and educational experiences that you would expect from the world's largest aquarium brand. We've done this by turning them into places where you can get to know and understand the marine environment like never before.

Whenever you come to any of our SEA LIFE centres we want you to be immersed in the experience. We want you to feel as if you are there, among the fish, sharks, jelly fish and seahorses. We want you to feel like you are more than just a spectator.

We have done this by finding new and exciting ways to exhibit our creatures and by finding new ways for you to interact with them. And if you want to find out more, you can. In some locations you can even get involved in our conservation work.

To do this we’ve had to throw out the old ideas about displaying fish. So the old-fashioned aquarium is out and tunnels, curved tanks and bubbles that allow you to get astonishingly close to our wonderful creatures are in.

Crystal clear water, together with expert husbandry and carefully prepared surrounds that carefully mimic preferred natural habitats make for better viewing – and optimum living conditions for our creatures.

Naturally, we choose only those species that flourish in aquarium surroundings and that – when viewed as a complete collection – will give you a more realistic picture of the wealth and diversity of life in our oceans.

We are actively involved in conservation, research and rescue projects and consider raising awareness of the importance of safeguarding the seas and their inhabitants as one of our major priorities. This is integral to the SEA LIFE experience.

Our Seal Sanctuaries are well known for their rescue and rehabilitation programmes for abandoned, injured and sickly seal pups and are great places to see and experience our conservation work at first hand.

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Dive into a magical underwater world filled with a dazzling array of amazing creatures. From face-to-face encounters with sharks to a hands-on rock-pool experience, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy at SEA LIFE.

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