Adoptions Customer FAQ's

  • What adoption packages do you have available?

We’ve developed creature Adoptions Packs for Seahorses, Sea Turtles and Sharks.

  • What do you receive in an Adoption Pack?

A welcome letter.
A glossy 12 page creature booklet full of facts and information.
A creature photo wallet with printed certificate.
…and TWO adult complimentary tickets to visit SEA LIFE.

  • What is the creature information booklet?

We’ve included a 12 page creature information booklet that is packed with creature facts and goes into more depth about the mysteries of your adopted creature’s species! It also provides you with a fully detailed breakdown into many of the marine conservation initiatives that SEA LIFE operates all year round.

  • How much does an adoption cost?

All three creature adoptions costs £50 on-site and online.

  • Can I adopt an individual marine animal?

Once you take out an adoption at SEA LIFE, you support the species as a whole rather than an individual marine animal.

  • Where does the money go?

All proceeds from your generous donation will go to our charity the SEA LIFE Marine Conservation Trust. The charity will allocate your donation towards your chosen creature’s specific campaigns.

Shark Adoption – All proceeds will benefit leading shark charities.

£50 can help to:
Pay for work to help support angling projects and egg case hunting, pay towards a radio transmitter to help track sharks or could help fund shark dive research.

Sea Turtle Adoption – All proceeds will go towards protecting and breeding sea turtles including at the Turtle Rescue Centre in Zakynthos, Greece.

£50 can help to:
Feed a turtle for 10 days, pay for the drugs required to treat 5 injured turtles or pay for a stretcher to help rescue a turtle.

Seahorse Adoption – All proceeds will help fund vital seahorse conservation work by leading charities.

£50 can help to:
Pay for several hours work to analyse data, work with the authorities to protect seahorses, pay for air for 25 dives to find seahorses or write a short report on seahorses (for education or protection).

  • How can I see where the money goes?

You can keep up-to-date on the work that SEA LIFE and the trust are currently doing by visiting our Adoptions website and checking out the news page at

  • How long does it take for the adoption to arrive?

Your Adoption Pack will be sent by Recorded Delivery and is estimated to arrive within 7-10 working days, subject to bank holidays and any other factors beyond our reasonable control. This timescale is an estimate only and we accept no responsibility for any delays in such processing.

  • What date does the adoption start?

Your adoption starts from the date the adoption is processed.

  • Where can I go with my two free tickets to visit a SEA LIFE centre?

These tickets will give you access to all UK SEA LIFE centre’s excluding The London Aquarium within 12 months of starting your adoption. This ticket will be a standard entry to SEA LIFE and does not include add-ons or any extra combi-packages.

  • Where can I apply for an Adoption?

The quickest way to purchase an Adoption Pack is to buy online at

Alternatively you can visit a SEA LIFE centre and get your Adoptions Pack at the admissions desk. Please ask a member of staff for more details.

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