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All species of marine turtles are threatened with extinction. One of the biggest threats to turtles is the loss of their nesting habitat.

Loggerhead turtles have returned to the Greek Island of Zakynthos for generations to breed and make their nests.

Today, the once idyllic beaches are over run with noisy clubs and restaurants. Excited tourists, unaware their holiday destination is a sacred breeding ground for the Loggerheads, drive speed boats through the bays where the turtles meet to breed. Some turtles are fatally injured in boat collisions, others become tangled in fishing nets or accidentally swallow fish hooks after being taken in by bait meant to catch fish. Meanwhile nests are crushed by sun loungers, and confused hatchlings disorientated by pulsating night club lights die before they reach the sea.

On average, in a nest of 100 turtle eggs, only one in the batch will mature into a healthy adult turtle able to return to the beach where they are born in later years to breed. That means that the loss of just one nesting beach can have serious effects on the population as a whole.

The nearest medical centre able to treat turtles for their injuries is an 8 hour journey by road and sea to Athens. Many turtles do not survive the journey.

SEA LIFE, in partnership with NGO Earth Sea and Sky, has now built a superb turtle rescue centre at Gerekas on Zakynthos, so that injured turtles can receive immediate treatment and care until they are well enough to return to the wild. Earth Sea and Sky is eager to recruit volunteers to help with it’s work this summer. Download the poster for details.

To find our more information and make a donation to the turtle hospital, please visit:

Threats facing Turtle:

  • Increased human presence on nesting beaches
  • Artificial lighting
  • Poaching
  • Beach armouring. This includes building sea walls that stop the turtles coming ashore.
  • Beach erosion and loss of natural turtle habitat
  • Overdevelopment of nesting beaches
  • Commercial fishing
  • Human pollution
  • Offshore Oil and Gas industries destroying habitats

How can you help?

For every injured adult turtle we can return to the wild, the better chance we have of helping the turtle population recover. You can help us to get the urgently needed turtle hospital open as quickly as possible by making a donation at:
Any donation, no matter how large or small, is gratefully received.
Thank you.

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