Now Open: Octopus Hideout!

Come face-to-face with Babs, the Giant Pacific Octopus!

Prepare to be grabbed eight times at once, at our new feature, Octopus Hideout. You’ll be able to get closer than ever before to some of the world’s most intelligent sea creatures, marvel at the incredible colour changing Cuttlefish and meet the Nautilus whose features haven’t changed for over 200 million years!

Come and meet Barbara, our resident Giant Pacific Octopus, which is one the smartest sea creatures in the animal kingdom. You’ll be amazed at the sheer size and beauty of Babs, as she settles in to her new home.

Did you know?: The Giant Pacific Octopus and the Common Octopus are two of the smartest creatures in the marine world, both able to solve puzzles and negotiate complex mazes. There was even a case of a Common Octopus in Germany using a carefully aimed jet of water to fuse a particular light bulb it was unhappy with... not once, but three times!

There will be lots of fun Octopus themed activities for the whole family to get involved in such as Octopus Brain Training, so pre-book your tickets today to join along and test your skills.