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Flip stranded

10 December 2011
Flip has been found on the beach of Monster (near The Hague) by visitors of the beach. She is weak, wounded and has sand in her eyes. Animal Rescue is taking care of Flip on first hand.

11 December 2011
Animal Rescue transports Flip to SEA LIFE Scheveningen. SEA LIFE aquarists are taking care of Flip. Her injury's are treated and the sand has been washed out of her eyes. Flip is starting to swim later that day. She weighs 1.84kg. Her age is still unknown.

12 December 2011
Further research shows that Flip is a kemps sea turtle. This is the smallest en rarest sea turtle species. The kemps sea turtle is one of the most critically endangered species. She is estimated to be two years old. Dutch and Belgian media are covering the story of the stranded turtle. Local TV station Omroep West placed a live webcam at Flip's enclosure.

9 January 2012
The vet is doing a large research regarding Flip's health. There were also X-rays taken of Flip. This medical research showed that Flip does not have a long lasting injury. As soon as she is strong enough, Flip can return to her natural environment.

11 January 2012
Since her arrival at SEA LIFE Scheveningen, Flip has started eating for the first time. Her health is gaining rapidly.

21 January 2012
De traveldocuments for Flip's release are requested by SEA LIFE Scheveningen. The American government (Fish and Wildlife services) will need a few months for processing the application.

2 April 2012
Flip gets a chip in her neck so she can be identified after her release. She is still eating well and her health is stable.

2 May 2012
Flip is growing rapidly. She weighs 3.38kg at this point. Medical research showed that Flip is female. Although Flip is a boy's name, SEA LIFE Scheveningen will remain calling her Flip. At this point she gained enough weight for her journey home and her release.

25 June 2012
The American government (Fish and Wildlife services) has given SEA LIFE Scheveningen the permit for Flip's release in the United States. Because of this, SEA LIFE can now start the application process with the Dutch government for Flip's transport to the United States. This will take about a month.

Flip's health is still stable. Her weight is now over 4kg, which is more then double the weight she had at her arrival at SEA LIFE Scheveningen. On our website we will keep you updated about Flip's story and her upcoming release.

flip USA

31 October 2012
Flip left SEA LIFE Scheveningen and flew with KLM to Houston (USA). There she was taken to ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep). After 9 days she was again medically checked and strong enough to be put back in the Gulf of Mexico.

9 November 2012
Nearly a year after she was found on the beach in Holland... Flip is released... weighing almost 6 kg she is in good health. A small transmitter is put on her back so we can see where she is swimming....

15th January 2013
Flip has swam over 1200 km in the Gulf of Mexico and doing well...

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