The kemps ridley turtle

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Fully grown-up kemps ridley sea turtles can reach a length of 65cm with a maximum of 75cm. It is the smallest sea turtle species. The area kemps turtles live in, is near the Golf of Mexico betwoon southern Texas (US) and nothern Mexico. The hatching of the eggs generally takes places at the coast of Texas. This rarely seen turtle species has also been spotted in the Atlantic ocean several times.

Kemps turtles are carnivores. They mostly eat fish, crabs and jellyfish. They are no bait-eaters.

Endangered species
De kemps ridley sea turtle are the most rarely seen and critically endangered sea turtle species. Kemps turtles get hit by boats or chocked inside of fishingnets very often. It has been estimated that shrimp fishing alone results in 500 to 5000 deaths each year. To prevent this, fishing agency's have started working with TED's (Turtle Exclusion Devices). They also started to use special nets that will only catch shrimps and exclude the turtles.

How they look like
The kemps ridley sea turtle has a sharp ending back of the shield that is very smooth. They have a beak-like snout and green or brown colour. Their skin is yellow / white grey and they have a wide head.

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