Turtle Fest

turtle fest

This summer, SEA LIFE Scheveningen is having a Turtle Fest. During this event, SEA LIFE Scheveningen will raise money for the construction of a turtle rescue centre in Zakynthos (Greece). This project is supported by all the SEA LIFE centres around the globe.

Zakynthos hosts more than 80-per-cent of nests of Mediterranean loggerhead turtles – as many as
2,000 nests in a good year. The Turtles face a number of hazards including disturbance on nesting beaches, swallowing plastic bags (mistaken for Jelly Fish) and being harrased by spotter boats.

SEA LIFE have been working with Earth, Sea and Sky who are a conservation organisation based in Zakynthos. We have been working together to build a turtle rescue centre so that any loggerhead turtle found on the Zakynthos Shoreline will be able to receive speedy care on the Island rather than face an eight hour journey to Athens.

Extra summer activities
During the Turtle Fest we have extra activities in our SEA LIFE Centre. There will be special turtle talks and presentations. Children can also get face painted just like a turtle! Where and these activities take place in our centre will be mentioned during your visit.

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