Axolotls are Amphibians and are actually salamanders, but in a neotenic state. In the wild they only live in the Xochimilco and Chalco lakes near Mexico City.

Unlike other salamanders Axolotls stop their development as larvae instead of metamorphosing into a salamander.

The colour of wild Axolotls is a dark gray or a mottled brown, in captivity other colours have developed as well, such as white with reddish-pink external gill stalks. This type of colouring is best known to the public.
These funny looking external gills are also one of the most noticeable characteristics of the Axolotl.

Things to Do

  • Watch our Axolotls in their tank at SEA LIFE Speyer!
  • Find out more about this endangered species.
  • How many gill stalks can you count on each Axolotl?
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