African dwarf crocodile

Cuban Crocodile

Cuban Crocodiles are one of the most intelligent and aggressive crocodiles in the world! Rather than swimming, these hunters will sprint and jump through long grass to catch their prey. They are also thought to be the most endangered crocodile species on the planet.

The Cuban Crocodile will feed on fish, rodents, and even freshwater turtles. They swallow their food whole with mouthfuls of stones known as Gastroliths that help to break up the food once it is inside their stomach. Also known as “Pearly Crocodiles,” their beautiful skin has meant they have been hunted to near extinction to make expensive items such as jewelry and accessories.

Things to do

  • Watch our Cuban Crocodile feed!
  • Find out why they are such terrific jumpers.
  • Get to know why the Cuban Crocodile is an endangered species.
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Photos of the Crocodiles

Kuba-Krokodile Speyer

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