Feeding Times SEA LIFE Speyer

Black tip reef shark

Make the most of your visit – watch our fun talks and the animal feeding demonstrations throughout the day!

Interactive Rockpool experience – every day from 10:00


• Open all day – join our regular talks

• Touch a starfish and a sea anemone or hod a crab

• Find out more about Starfish and Co. from one of our talented SEA LIFE team

Fresh-water fish feeding – Monday - Sunday (not on Tuesday or Friday)


• Experience the feeding of our fresh-water fish

• Get to know what they like to eat

• Learn more about the different domestic fish species

Shipwreck feeding – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 12.00


• Watch our scary looking Catfish being fed

• Learn more about these fish and what they like to eat

Ray and Dogfish feeding – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 12:00


• The playful Rays and Dogfish love to swim to the surface of their tank to look at the visitors

• Find out more about our different types of Ray and what they like to eat

• Learn about the other residents of the Bay of Rays

Feeding of the tropical Sharks and Green Sea turtle Marty – daily at 15:00

Schildkröten-Fütterung im SEA LIFE Speyer

• Marvel at the Green Sea Turtle Marty

• Learn why Marty’s favourite food is broccoli and salad

• Discover the other beautiful sea creatures in this display like Sharks and Rays

Fresh-water fish feeding for children – daily at 16:00


• Our small visitors can join us in feeding the fresh-water fish with pelleted food

• Be part of this little adventure

All feeding times subject to short-term alterations

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17 March - 6 November

10am - 6pm

7 November - 21 December

Mon - Fri
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Sat - Sun
10am - 6pm

22 December - 31 December

10am - 6pm

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