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Ahoy! The Jolly Roger has docked at SEA LIFE this summer and the crew are on a mission to find the missing treasure. But wait - an enchanting cohort of mysterious mermaids have also appeared and are on the hunt for the lost bounty too.

Follow an immersive in-tank trail, choose to be a brave buccaneer or a mesmerising mermaid and race the opposing team to find the six pieces of hidden treasure!

Once the treasure has been found you'll meet the legendary pirates and mermaids themselves. Little Landlubbers can learn secret underwater language with one of the enchanting mer-creatures or practice their meanest ‘ARRRRRR’ with a pirate captain. But be warned – the scurvy sailor might make them walk the plank!

LIVE Mermaid Roadshow!

Great Yarmouth:

2nd & 3rd September


3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st August


27th & 28th July and 24th & 25th August


22nd & 23rd July


25th & 25th June and 1st & 2nd July*


4th & 5th August and 11th & 12th August


18th & 19th July*

Loch Lomond:

31st August and 1st, 7th & 8th September


*Please note our seaside sirens in these locations are resting their tails and will be available to meet you outside of the tanks!