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Breed, Rescue, Protect

SEA LIFE Sydney's Conservation Pillars

Conservation at our core

We are committed to protecting Australia's unique aquatic animals and their habitats.

We established our ethos BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT we have established breeding programs to better understand species, from Undulate Rays to Coral Propagation. 

We aim to inspire our visitors to care as much as we do and help raise awareness of the critical importance of our oceans.

After all, we only get one planet!

Read below some of our initiatives and current projects.


  • Establishing breeding programs to help endangered or threatened species
  • Learning from the species in our care to gain a better understanding of their relatives in the wild.

In 2019 we established the first White's Seahorse breeding program. Find out more about the progress of the breeding program here

Seahorse Breeding Program


  • Nurse sick and injured sea creatures in our animal rescue centre 
  • Rehabilitate and release creatures back into the wild 

Watch the videos below to see our most recent animal rescues including a green sea turtle and a grey nurse shark. 

Em B Turtle Video
Shark Rescue Video


  • Campaign to protect environments and animals 
  • Take direct action to preserve key habitats

In 2019 we installed our first Sea Bin into Darling Harbour, to collect and remove waste from our waters. More sea bins are planned to be installed in the coming months. 

Sea Bin Video