Spooky Seas

Spooky Seas

22nd - 31st October

Explore the Spooky Seas this Halloween

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park will be turning the spotlight on scary critters of the deep this Halloween.


As well as meeting creepy spider crabs, batfish, ghost knifefish and other appropriately named creatures, visitors will learn that it is we, humans who are the real monsters!


The Park’s special package of fright-fest’ entertainment running from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October will also highlight the horrors that pollution, over-fishing and other human follies are inflicting on the marine world.


There will be lots of fishy fun too, of course…including a novel pumpkin hunt, spooky fact finding, lantern making, scary crafts and fancy dress all included in admission. 


Hubble bubble toil and trouble... stir up a potion with our Halloween Extra for Spooky Seas! Meet Zelda the Enchantress in the Enchanted Cabin set among the Wetlands, spooky and ghoulish potions are ready to be made! Will you choose love or invisibility?


Separate tickets apply for the Enchanted Cabin Experience secure your place at the cauldron, book now.