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Risk Assessment

Spiny Lobster

Risk Assessment

Download our free risk assessment to support your own.


Pre-Post Visit Lesson Plans

Clownfish (3)

Ocean Conservation

Protecting our World's Oceans... with three hours worth of content pre and post an educational visit these lessons will encourage pupils to appreciate the importance of protecting our oceans, raise awareness of their own relationship with the ocean and appreciate how their daily actions can positively or negatively affect the marine environment.


Penguin Swimming

Incredible Sea Creatures (Pre-Visit)


Coral reefs

Layers of the Ocean (Pre-Visit)


800Px Jellyfish Aqurium

What the Ocean Means (Pre-Visit)


Fish swarm

Creative Writing (Post-Visit)


Yellow Seahorse at SEA LIFE

Inheritance & Variation (Post-Visit)


26 Million Tonnes Of Plastic Waste End Up In The Ocean Each Year Cropped

Ocean Pollution (Post-Visit)


Shark Trust

SEA LIFE in association with the Shark Trust have created a series of lesson plans with one goal in mind — making life easier for teachers. Take your pick between a Shark Bites and 'Ray'zor sharp facts.. both have been created by teachers, proven in the classroom, and is absolutely, positively, completely… free!

Shark Lesson Plan

Shark Lesson Plan


Undulate Ray

Ray Lesson Plan



Help your class become SEA LIFE Sea Savers

Humans produce around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste each year putting our oceans and sea creatures at risk. Through the activities in this session, pupils will be able to recognise the effect of plastic pollution on sea life, understand some of the causes of plastic pollution in the ocean, and identify what they can do to help prevent it.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • List key facts about the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean
  • Discuss how plastic pollution has occurred, and what effect this might have on sea life
  • Suggest positive actions to help prevent plastic pollution now and in the future

Become a SEA LIFE Sea Saver
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The Learning Hub

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