Cownose Stingray

Cownose Stingray

In the wild, Cownose Stingrays can be found in schools of up to 10,000! Rays have many adaptations that help them to survive in the sandy bottoms of the sea, and you can see these creatures use their unique bodies during the Ray Feeding.
Rays will sometimes jump out of the water; scientists think this is to show other rays their territory

Things to do

  • Find the Cownose rays, swimming together in their ocean tank
  • See how they use their synchronized wing flaps to stir up sediment on the ocean tunnel floor
  • Learn about why they are under threat
  • Spot their happy face smiling back at you
  • Watch our Cownose rays breaching the water surface to look at guests!
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Last Admission 2 Hours Before Closing

For the comfort and safety of our guests, double-wide strollers are not permitted.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving at 1 p.m. weekends in October!

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