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We're Seahorse Saviours

Meet our Aussie sea-friend Sadie

She's a Hippocampus, or a seahorse to you and me. 

Seahorses love to reside in the sponge gardens and soft corals of Australia, but their natural habitat has been destroyed. Sadly, this has left many seahorses like Sadie without a place to call home and their numbers have declined.

It takes a team

Working with the NSWDPI, universities and conservation specialists, we have introduced the world-renowned Seahorse Hotel Conservation Project. Through this initiative, we're providing a safe environment to seahorses and other wildlife, giving them a place they call home.

Our team of expert divers have been checking up on the seahorses regularly and have reported they've grown big and strong. They've continued to breed in the wild and we're seen huge growth in their numbers since we started this project.