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We're Whale Warriors

Welcome to the world's first Beluga Whale Sanctuary!

Say hello to our beautiful beluga whales Little Grey and Little White!

Like us, they’re very social creatures and love to chat in their special language of clicks, whistles and bangs. Despite their enormous appetite, beluga whales are actually one of the smallest whale species, weighing in at around 1,000kg.

Beluga whale being rescued

Whales in the wild

The journey began on 19th June, 2019 at Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai

  • Each beluga was individually lifted on to specially designed stretchers, measured to their physical requirements, and carefully placed into especially built transportation tanks, before being lifted out of the aquarium by crane and loaded into two lorries
  • Little Grey and Little White travelled by road from Changfeng Ocean World to Pu Dong International airport where a specially branded cargo plane, very generously donated by Cargolux Airlines, was waiting on the runway, ready to fly them to Keflavik Airport in Iceland
  • Following the flight, Little Grey and Little White were transferred on to two individual lorries and driven to catch a ferry from Landeyjahöfn to Heimaey Island, which took around 35 minutes to complete
  • Once the ferry docked on Heimaey Island, the lorries drove the short distance to Klettsvik Bay where Little Grey and Little White were transferred to the beluga sanctuary landside facility and placed into a special care pool for assessment following their journey.

Beluga whale

We're Making Waves

In partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), we created the world’s first open water sanctuary for rehomed belugas. An open water sanctuary that gives whales a safe space to swim, explore and interact freely in their natural environment.

The sanctuary in Klettsvik Bay, Iceland, is part of our Little Steps programme that cares for whales and dolphins around the world. We continually monitor Little Grey and Little White to make sure they’re fit and healthy in their new home.