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From the time of dinosaurs

200 million years ago, turtles shared the planet with the earliest dinosaurs. Today, there are 300 species of turtle in our oceans and rivers – and even on land! At our aquariums, we look after lots of different species – like green sea turtles and terrapins. We’re also helping to rescue and rehabilitate injured sea turtles.

Right now, turtles struggle against lots of different problems. They’re hunted for their shells, meat and eggs. They’re caught in fishing nets. And sometimes, they choke on plastic bags, after mistaking them for jellyfish.

SEA LIFE has a long history of working with the rescue and care of injured sea turtles. Some of our SEA LIFE Aquariums in the US raised $50,000 to help build new tanks at the Georgia Sea Turtle Rescue Centre. You can find out more about our conservation projects here.