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Embark on an SESE Curriculum linked journey of Amazing Discovery when your class visits The National SEA LIFE Centre, an all-weather aquarium on Bray’s seafront.

We make sure your pupils get right up-close to the amazing creatures in our themed displays. After all, the more they see the more they’ll learn.

Here are just some of the highlights

  • 1,000 creatures including sharks, Seahorses, Stingrays, Piranhas, clownfish, Octopus and many more in over 30 amazing displays.

  • A spectacular Tropical Ocean Tank with 9 different species of sharks.

  • Feeding demonstrations and talks.

  • Marine habitats ranging from rivers and lakes to deep oceans.

  • Will you dare touch one of our crabs or starfish in our rockpool?

Primary School Learning Opportunities (Age 5-11 years)

Our primary school programme is perfect for introducing pupils to a range of scientific topics and encouraging excitement and curiosity about marine phenomena in the natural world. It has been designed to support several core elements of the Social, Environmental and Scientific Education Curriculum for Junior and Senior Cycles.

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It’s now even easier to structure your visit to SEA LIFE around core learning opportunities.
Self-guided learning is included in all packages!

There are 4 tours to choose from, each linked to a different topic; simply download your resource pack and for each key creature you encounter we've provided discussion notes, fun facts and activities for your group to complete.

  • Habitats & Adaptations - Discover a variety of marine habitats, learn what makes them suitable for different residents and identify the adaptations creatures have made to survive.

  • Food Chains & Ecosystems - Understand the importance of a balanced ecosystem, learn the roles each creature plays and identify the sequence of a rockpool food chain.

  • Behaviour - Discuss the behaviour of different marine creatures, learn about their key life processes and understand how environmental conditions impact their behaviour.

  • Conservation - Learn about the threats facing marine creatures and their habitats, discover what impact human activity is having and find out what we can all do to help.

Self-guided learning - Download Now...

Turtle Package - €5.00 per child

  • Self-guided learning

Crab Package - €6.00 per child

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  • Self-guided Learning
  • Discovery Tour
Discovery tour

This is a 45 minute tour of the aquarium led by a marine expert. We can tailor the tour to focus on specific creatures or topics - just let us know in advance. Afterwards you are free to continue exploring at your own pace.

Shark Package - €7.00 per child

  • Self-guided Learning
  • Workshops

This is a 40 minute workshop added to your visit, it is an effective way to get your class thinking about specific topics before or after they’ve explored the aquarium. Workshops are led by our Education Team and include a topic introduction, hands-on practical activity and group discussion. Choose from the following:

  • Who eats who? Pupils can get creative with arts & craft materials to make their very own marine food chain.

  • Home sweet home Using arts and craft materials pupils will design their own marine habitat, ensuring that the creatures within it have everything they need to survive.

  • Save our seas Through creative activities pupils will encourage others to help conservation.

  • Discover Primary Science & Maths Program

This visit is recommended for participating Discover Primary Science and Math’s schools and is one of the steps to completing your schools Award in Science Excellence from Split into two sections, the first hour is spent carrying out SESE curriculum based experiments linked with the science of the oceans. In the second hour, the pupils will be given guidance on Amazing Discovery in our seas before being sent off to explore the aquarium in search of answers for their worksheets. Teachers resources are also providing for follow on activities in the classroom.

(Please note that due to the duration of our workshops, it is only available between September 1 and May 15)

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SEA LIFE Offers inspiring curriculum based content ideal for learning with free teacher resource packs to help you bring the wonders of the ocean into the classroom.

Senior Cycle topics include:
- SESE Living Things: Adaption
- SESE Living Things: Classification
- SESE Living Things: Food Chains
- SESE Energy and Forces: Movement
- SESE Environmental Awareness & Care: Habitats

Junior Cycle topics include:
- SESE Living Things: Reproduction
- SESE Living Things: Classification
- SESE Living Things
- SESE Energy and Forces: Movement
- SESE Environmental Awareness & Care

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Bring The Wonders of the Ocean into the classroom with our FREE Teachers Resource Packs


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