Clownfish “Finding Nemo” are beautiful little fish. Take a peek at the main coral display and you’ll see them on the far right of the tank. They don’t like to stray too far from their home base – usually a sea anemone. They are also able to change sex, which the dominant male would normally do when (if) the female dies.

Clownfish are found in tropical marine waters throughout the world. They are home loving creatures and live amongst the tentacles of sea anemones in the shallow waters of coral reefs. They are the only fish that appear to be immune to the stings of the anemone.

Their skin is covered in a coating of slime or mucus – similar to that found on the anemone itself – which tricks the anemone into thinking the fish is just another part of itself! The relationship that Clownfish enjoy with their home anemone is symbiotic, which means it benefits them both. The clown fish seeks shelter within the anemone whilst keeping the anemone in good health by feeding off parasites and removing any dead tentacles.

Clownfish are very territorial and live in groups that protect their own anemone from the unwanted attentions of other Clownfish. They can grow up 13cm in length, are usually covered in bold zones of colour and feed mainly on algae, crustaceans and molluscs.

Things to Do

  • Spot the Clownfish hiding in the Coral reefs
  • Watch how shy and secretive the Clownfish are
  • Find out why Clownfish eat marine flake foods, small shrimp
  • See the the larger Maroon Clownfish in the same display. (They look a bit more thuggish and have a dusty red colouration)
  • Watch how fast the Clownfish dash around their kingdom
  • Discover how Clownfish become immune to the sea anemones where they live
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