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Coral Reef Inhabitants

  • SEA LIFE, Secrets of the Reef


Did you know that Clownfish live in the venomous tentacles of Sea Anemones?

They are one of the only ocean creatures that can do this as they are protected by a layer of slimy mucus on their skin! Clownfish like to live in Sea Anemones so that they are protected from predators and can nibble on leftover food the Sea Anemone catches.

In return, they help keep Sea Anemones and the area around them clean by eating up algae and other reef debris. 

If you see a clownfish couple in a Sea Anemone, the larger of the two will be the female, and the smaller the male.

They are called clownfish because of their bright clown colouring and all clownfish are born as boys, once the females die the largest male will change sex.

More Amazing Coral Reef Inhabitants

Coral Reefs are packed with creatures, all living together in a small space so things get very competitive! Reef inhabitants have to have some nifty tricks up their sleeve to ensure that they catch enough food and evade their predators. Check out some of these incredible creatures who you'll find in Secrets of the Reef during your visit!

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