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Dive in and discover our interactive themed zones

Along the way, you'll encounter some of the world's most incredible animals, including colourful clownfish, magical seahorses, a clever octopus, thousands of tropical fish and much, much more.

Victorian Arcade

Victorian Arcade

Take a deep breath and begin the journey of a lifetime. Set under the original Victorian architecture from 1872, meet swooping rays, twirling tentacles and glittering fins. You can even touch a starfish or an anemone in our rock pool.

Our History

Day And Night Ocean Experience at SEA LIFE Brighton

Day & Night Ocean Experience

Discover the underwater world as you've never seen it before and journey from day to night in a UK first experience. Visit our underwater viewing area and tunnel, or take a seat in our 250 seater auditorium and listen to a creature talk or take a trip on our glass-bottom boat!

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Rainforest Adventure at SEA LIFE Brighton

Rainforest Adventure

Snapping jaws, swishing tails, and leaping frogs. Join us in the hot and humid rainforest. Wind through the roots and tree trunks and say hello to our rescued terrapins and their friends.

  • Did you know? Around 36 football pitches of forest are lost every minute to deforestation.

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Boy looking at a tank at SEA LIFE aquarium

Secrets of the Reef

Hey, look! There's Dory! And Nemo! See how many more of their colourful friends you can spot in our coral-filled tanks.

Meet the Creatures

Guests on the glass bottom boat at SEA LIFE Brighton

Glass Bottom Boat

Meet our amazing ocean creatures from a new perspective with our Glass Bottom Boat ride experience! Glide over the water and say hello to our inquisitive turtles and our jawsome sharks while our marine experts explain what makes them so weird and wonderful!

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Sea Dragon

Conservation Cove

Conservation is at the heart of what we do at SEA LIFE Brighton. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the threats facing marine life and what you can do to help as you explore with us.

In this area, you will find out more about what SEA LIFE and the SEA LIFE Trust are doing to help threatened marine life and perhaps help us out yourself by signing one of our petitions or picking up a free sustainable
seafood guide.

Around 75% (that's three quarters) of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by human activity.

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