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Conservation Evenings

  • Selected Dates
  • 5:30pm
  • Tickets £10
  • Informative evening for all.
The perfect evening for ocean lovers! Join our Conservation Evenings for a unique opportunity where guests with a deep love for marine life can delve into the remarkable efforts of SEA LIFE, the SEA LIFE Trust, and local charities dedicated to safeguarding the future of our seas. Guests will have the chance to walk through the beginning of aquarium after closure, before embarking on an intimate and educational evening discovering more about the beating heart of the oceans.
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Join us for World Oceans Week

Wednesday 5th June, join us for engaging discussions and presentations to help us celebrate and raise money for World Oceans Week. 

Members from the following organisations will be speaking:

  • SEA LIFE Brighton 
  • Wildlife Vets International
  • Sussex Underwater
  • Sussex University 
  • Sussex Dolphin Project 

We will also be showcasing a selection of local artists and their sustainable art. 

If you're an ocean lover and keen to learn more about conservation, this is the perfect night for you. 


All proceeds will be donated to the SEA LIFE Trust in support of World Oceans Week.