New for 2014 - Sea Stars!

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Immerse yourself in our dazzling collection of Sea Stars from around the world.

Get right up close and discover our Sea Star tunnel and peek-a-boo holes. Marvel at the variety of shapes, sizes and colours of the world's largest Sea Stars.

And make sure you don't miss the Sunflower Starfish - they can grow up to one metre in diameter and can grow up to 24 arms. It is the largest Star Fish in the world and can be found in the pacific ocean!

common Starfish

Common Starfish

  • They have over thousand legs.
  • They empty their stomachs before they eat.
  • They are strong enough to prize open muscle schells.
Red Knobbled Starfish

Red Knobbed Starfish

  • Found ranging from shallow tidal pools to reefs up to 100 meters deep.
  • They feed on soft corals, sponges, tube worms, clams, starfish and various other invertebrates.
Brittle Starfish

Brittle Starfish

  • They are found on tide-swept rock and on coarse sediments, preferring hard substrates including sand and shingle.
  • They are scavengers and feed on dead organisms. It is also a suspension feeder.
Granulated Starfish

Granulated Starfish

  • They are found on coral reefs up to depths of 40 meters.
  • They feed on molluscs, worms and detritus.

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