Green Sawfish

SEA LIFE Minnesota is currently the only Aquarium with a male and female Sawfish. If these Sawfish mate, they would be the first of their kind to produce offspring within captivity!

Meet Sally and Stu, the Sawfish Soulmates!
When Sally and Stu met at SEA LIFE, it was love at first swim! Sally and Stu spend a lot of time basking on the “ocean” floor, but they also like to adventure through Atlantis and greet guests within the ocean tunnel. Sawfish generally only mate once every two years, and have a litter of around eight. We are hoping that Sally and Stu will add some little Sawfish to our aquarium family!

Sally and Stu have narrow, protruding snouts, which are lined with teeth arranged to resemble a saw. They use their rostrum, covered with electrosensitive pores, to sense prey in the area. Sawfish can grow up to be over 23 feet long, much of the length comes from their rostrum! They are usually found in tropical and warmer near-shore waters in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific.

Come check out Sally and Stu within the Ocean Tunnel's Atlantis exhibit. Their long, saw-like snouts make them hard to miss!


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