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300 Ft-Long Underwater Tunnel

SEA LIFE at Mall of America's Ocean Tunnel, the length of a football field, includes four different underwater experiences all connected for an amazing journey.

Get up close and personal with 9ft long Sandtiger Sharks, rescued sea turtles, a pair of giant 14ft long Green Sawfish, and hundreds of creatures from their own point of view: under the ocean.

WHOA - You Need to SEA This!

  • The breathtaking underwater tunnel is more than 13 ft deep!
  • Wave your flipper and say hello to Amelio, Calypso, and Seemore – our rescued sea turtles!
  • Come face to fin with freshwater and saltwater species.

World Famous Ocean Tunnel at SEA LIFE Aquarium

Four Amazing Underwater Exhibits

  • Shark Cove brings you face to fin with gigantic Sand Tiger Sharks, rescued loggerhead sea turtles,  Guitarsharks, and more!
  • Be surrounded by a tropical paradise in Rainbow Reef and meet hundreds of tropical fish and Seemore, the green sea turtle with a remarkable tale.
  • Journey through Sturgeon Lake and spot soft shell turtles, sturgeon, and one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the Alligator Gar!
  • Head into the Wild Amazon which has creatures from the Amazon River including freshwater stingrays, colorful Midas Cichlids, and Arapaima.