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Bring Your Stars to Meet Ours!

SEA LIFE at Mall of America offers groups the opportunity to explore the creatures that live in our lakes, rivers and oceans through interactive, hands-on experiences. From feeling the spiny skin of a sea star to gazing at sharks swimming overhead, spend the day exploring over 11 exhibits, thousands of sea creatures and over 200 species in an immersive setting.

Sealife Groups Birthdays | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Homeschool Visits

Ignite your students' imagination and wonder into the natural world as they come face-to-fin with thousands of creatures and get closer than ever before! 

  • Activity Guide designed for Homeschool students 
  • 360 Degree Ocean Tunnel experience with rescued sea turtles and critically endangered animals 
  • Interactive Touchpool Experience - only the bravest can touch our prickly sea stars and slimy sea anemone  

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