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Breed, Rescue, Protect

How We Can Help

By sharing the wonder and beauty of our oceans, we hope you’ll learn to love them as much as we do. SEA LIFE Istanbul allows visitors to experience the ocean’s hidden marvels, and our expert staff are dedicated to, and passionate about conservation.

In keeping with our message - BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT - we’ve developed a system of care and best-practice animal husbandry that draws on decades of collective experience from our marine biologists.


Seahorse and Ray Breeding

SEA LIFE are a successful breeder of twelve species of seahorses and thirteen species of rays.

Tortugas 2

Rescuing Sea Turtles

Rescuing and protecting unwell and hurt seals and turtles annually, helping them recover and releasing them back into their natural habitat if possible.

Circle Shark

Shark Protection

Rallying for the protection of marine habitats across the world and advocating for clean oceans, clean beaches and the minimisation of pollution on the planet.