New for 2014! Rainforest Adventure

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Underneath the rainforest canopy, discover something amazing as you come face to face with one of the world’s largest species of snake.

Climb through mangrove roots to join more inhabitants of the rainforest such as deadly piranhas and poisonous dart frogs.

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Parrot Idol, April 2014


The search is on for The South’s noisiest parrot…and there’s a lucrative recording contract in store for the winner!

The hunt has been launched by Brighton Sea Life Centre which is hosting a new £1 million Rainforest Adventure attraction.

“We have some amazing new displays and creatures, and we want an amazing soundtrack to match,” said boss Max Leviston.

“We’re after squawkers rather than talkers,” he added, “and whichever one has the best repertoire will win a £500 recording contract to star in the soundtrack for our new feature.”

Owners of noisy parrots of any species are asked to send in home-videos or sound recordings of their birds at their most vocal to: Laura Sackett, SEA LIFE Centre, Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TB.

Rainforest Adventure features a nine foot long, 16-kilo anaconda…the world’s largest snake species, capable of reaching 40-feet long.

Other species arrayed in tanks nestling amidst jungle foliage and the realistic ruins of an ancient Inca temple, include poison dart frogs, piranhas and Chinese water dragons.

Opened to visitors on Saturday (March 29th), it already features an atmospheric soundtrack, but Max and his team reckon more squawking is required.

“We’ll also invite the winner down, with his or her owner of course, to hear the results,” said Max.

“It should be interesting seeing its reaction to its own voice, and also seeing what it makes of what will probably the nearest it’s ever been to its natural environment.”

Announcement, January 2014

The star resident of a new £1 million attraction at Brighton Sea Life Centre will take you breath away!

Give her half a chance and she could literally squeeze the breath from your body.

She is a green anaconda, set to take centre stage in the new Rainforest Adventure attraction launching at Easter this year.

Already about 7 feet long, anacondas can reach a massive 30 feet and be as wide as a grown man.

In their native South America green anacondas have been known to kill and eat small deer, jaguars and even caiman crocodiles.

Brighton - anaconda

Work gets underway this month on the new attraction, which will invite visitors through the roots of giant mangroves to discover swamps and jungle teeming with rainforest creatures.

“We will also have poison dart frogs, piranhas, a host of amazon river fish and a variety of freshwater terrapins and turtles,” said curator Carey Duckhouse.

The ornate Victorian architecture of the world’s oldest aquarium will be cunningly worked into the theming to become glimpses of ancient Aztec or Inca temples.

The investment comes swift on the heels of a £2 million refurbishment of the 140-year-old aquarium to restore much of its original Victorian splendour.


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