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Marvel at incredible new creatures in Jellyfish Discovery!

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Prepare yourself as the mysterious lives of jellyfish are revealed in a totally new light! Be mesmerised by over 100 enchanting jellyfish as they dance around magical ceiling-high tube tanks, where multi-coloured spotlights emphasise their beauty and create a uniquely stunning experience.

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Brand new for 2013, Jellyfish Discovery features 5 fascinating jellyfish species to encounter, with loads of exciting facts to learn about them! For example, did you know that jellyfish have lived in oceans for over 650 million years? That means they’re older than dinosaurs and even sharks! Incredible!

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  • WOW! Jellyfish are over 95% water and have no brain, heart or even bones!

  • WOW! Jellyfish aren't actually fish at all - they're more closely related to sea anemones and coral!

  • WOW! The stingers of some jellyfish carry enough poison to kill 60 people!

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