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New for 2019

Seals in the City

New for 2019 - Seals in the City

Dive in and explore our brand new world class Mammal Rescue Facility!

Meet our fostered friends who have taken up residency at the National SEA LIFE Centre. Come face to flipper with these beautiful creatures and learn more about their story.

Things To Do

  • Seals In The City

    We are excited to announce we have fostered a pair of rescued seals! Meet them in our new state-of-the-art Mammal Rescue Facility.

  • Penguin Ice Adventure - Baby Penguin!

    Come and meet our latest addition to the colony! Adventure in to the Antarctic and marvel at the cheeky antics of our colony of Gentoo penguins!

  • UK's only 360 Ocean Tunnel

    Come nose to nose with Black Tip Reef sharks, giant rays and our Giant Green Sea Turtle, Molokai!

  • Over 2,000 Magical Creatures

    Which sea creatures do you love the most? Magnificent sharks, colourful clownfish, snapping piranhas or majestic jellyfish? Get closer than ever before!

  • Splash & Bubbles 4-D Cinema Experience

    Dive in with this all-new 4-D Experience, included with all entry tickets!

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Upgrade Your Visit

For Only £10pp!

Add a visit to LEGOALND Discovery Centre - it's just next door!

Don't let the fun stop - ultimate LEGO indoor playground for kids aged 3-12! 

  • 4D Cinema - experience rain, wind and snow all under one roof with your favourite LEGO characters!
  • Miniland - explore your city in over 1.5 million LEGO bricks - what landmarks can you spot?
  • DUPLO Farm and LEGO City play areas for you to build and play! 
  • LEGO Workshops - get involved in a LEGO workshop and test your skills against your friends and family!

Ticket is valid for 90 days!

Penguin Island

Meet the Islanders!

Penguin Island is ready for take-off!

Meet the penguins who have traveled half way around the world to find love!

Will the singletons settle down to find love and will the couples stay faithful amongst all the temptations? 

Find out in each episode!