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Jelly Invaders

Visit the Jelly Invaders zone and prepare yourself as the mysterious lives of jellyfish are revealed in a totally new light! Be mesmerised by enchanting jellyfish as they dance around magical tanks, where multi-coloured spotlights emphasise their beauty and create a uniquely stunning experience.

Moon Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish - Aurelia Aurita

  • Moon Jellyfish are a common species of found all around the UK
  • They can withstand temperatures as low as 6 and as high as 31 degrees Celsius
  • Their sting is fairly mild
  • Turtles feed on Moon Jellyfish!

Sea Nettle Jellyfish - Chrysaora Melanaster

  • Sea Nettle Jellyfish have a sting that can cause skin irritation and a burning sensation
  • They are voracious carnivores, eating other jellyfish, copepods, anchovy eggs, larvae and zooplankton
  • Their tentacles can get up to 3 metres long!
Sarlacc Jellyfish

Sarlacc Jellyfish - Chrysaora Achlyos

  • Sarlacc Jellyfish can grow to huge proportions with a bell diameter of up to one metre and tentacles reaching a staggering five or six metres! 
  • It is set apart from other jellyfish by its dark pigmentation and what’s more, they’re the largest invertebrates to have been discovered in the 20th Century