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Green Moray Eels at SEA LIFE

Slimy and Nocturnal

Our green moray eel is one of the most fascinating creatures that we have at SEA LIFE Grapevine! It is very mysterious and has a mesmerizing way of moving through the water. Did you know that the green moray eel can grow to be 8 feet long? Our eel, Petrie, can be found in Stingray Bay along with tons of great facts & information. 

Green moray eels are not green at all--they are actually brown! The yellow color of the mucus that covers their skin, combined with the brown background color of their skin, makes them appear green. They are never what they seem!

These creatures are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. They are sedentary predators that wait for their prey to come to them and then strike with their strong jaws and sharp teeth.

COVID19 Update

In an abundance of caution, SEA LIFE Grapevine is temporarily closed, and we remain in contact with the authorities on when we can re-open.