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Sea Turtles at SEA LIFE

'SEA' Grapevine's Rescued Sea Turtles

Meet Eddie, Boomerang or Thalley, our rescued green sea turtles and Scotti, our Hawksbill Sea Turtle in our breathtaking underwater Ocean Tunnel or Sea Turtle Rescue Center.

Full of personality and curiousity, they'll often come face to flipper with you to check you out! Eddie, Boomer and Thalley were victims of boat strikes, while Scotti was a victim of predation and require extraordinary care. We've given them an amazing forever home at SEA LIFE Grapevine because they cannot safely return to the wild.

WHOA - You Need to SEA This!

  • All of our sea turtles love their veggies, and you can sometimes spot a sea turtle feeding too!
  • SEA LIFE Grapevine is the first SEA LIFE in the U.S. with a sea turtle hospital.
  • Experience first hand what it takes to rescue a sea turtle in a virtual rehabilitation journey!