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Checklist for your visit

✓ You are free from cold or flu-like symptoms?
✓ You have a medical mask with you?
✓ You have booked your ticket online or reserved a timeslot online?
✓ You are on time for your booked timeslot?
✓ You can pay cashless?
✓ You have your your proof of vaccination or convalescence with you? 

Fantastic! We are looking forward to your visit.

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730X440 Ozean Becken

Experience a fascinating underwater world at SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand.

With about 2,500 animals from different regions of the world you can go on a world tour with us and discover a lot.

Regenwaldbereich 1 Min

Explore the rainforest

Walking over soft forest soil, facing a boa constrictor eye to eye or sticking your head into a basin full of piranhas- you can experience all this in our fascinating rainforest.

From 22.11.21 applies:

Admission only in compliance with the 2G rules (recovered or vaccinated) for everyone aged 18 years / 3G rules (including tested) from 6 to 17 years and the mask requirement for everyone from 6 years. Children under 6 years are exempt from the test and mask requirement. Admission can only be guaranteed with an online ticket or a time slot reservation.

More information here