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Visitor Information

Please note that due to limited capacity and high demand we can currently only grant admission with an online ticket or time slot reservation (for annual tickets, advance tickets or discount vouchers)! Please book your ticket in advance or choose a time slot for your visit.

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Safety and hygiene at site

The well-being and health of our visitors are our highest priorities. Therefore, we ask you to follow the following guidelines to help contain the virus and to secure everyone's health.

Please inform yourself before your visit about the current local regulations that apply to you and your place of residence.

  • If you have any symptoms that may be part of an infection with the virus COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with a person who got diagnosed positive for the virus, we kindly ask you to postpone your visit at one of our aquariums. (If you have already purchased tickets, please contact our callcenter via +49 (0)180 666 690 101 (0,20 €/call from a German fixed network, mobile network max. 0,60€/call))
  • For the protection of our guests and staff entry is only permitted with medical mask (from the age of 6). We cannot make any exceptions - if you are unable to wear a mouth and nose protector for health reasons, please postpone your visit to us!
  • Keep your distance: Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from people who do not live in your house.
  • Admission only with negativ covid19-test (max. 24h old). Only professionally performed and certified tests (Antigen or PCR) will be accepted. A quick test / self-test without an officially issued result is NOT permitted. Please show your test certificate and photo ID or a comparable document for identification / comparison upon entry without being asked.

    The following do not require a test:
    - Children under 7 years 
    - Students under 18 years who are tested twice a week at school (proof of school attendance is required)
    - Fully vaccinated (14 days after administration of all necessary COVID-19 vaccine doses, proof must be presented)
    - Recovered (Proof must be presentet. This can be done by a PCR result from a laboratory or a doctor (min. 28 days / max. 6 months old) or a medical certificate (if this contains information on the type of test (PCR) and test date) or a certificate of isolation (if this contains information on the type of test (PCR) and test/report date) or by further certificates from authorities (if these contain information on the type of test (PCR) and test/report date).

1 Abstand Min

Keep your distance

Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to everyone that is not part of your household.

2 Maske Min

Wear a mask

Please be aware that it is mandatory to keep your mask on at all times during your visit.

Please note: For the protection of our guests and staff, we cannot make any exceptions - if you are unable to wear a mouth and nose protector for health reasons, please postpone your visit to us!

3 Händewaschen Min

Wash your hands

Frequently wash your hands with soap (min. 20 seconds)

5 Desinfektion Min


Please use our disinfectant dispensers at the entrance and inside.

4 Niesen Min

Sneezing and Coughing

Please sneeze and cough into your armpit.

6 Bargeldlos Min

Paying contactless

We kindly ask you to refrain from paying with cash and use contactless paying methods like purchasing online tickets or payment by credit/debit card.

FAQ: Purchasing a ticket

To be able to control our capacities inside our attraction we offer online tickets with an allocated time slot for your visit. Every time slot only allows a certain number of visitors to enter our attraction to secure the minimum distance between people at all times. Our employees will scan your online ticket contactless from your mobile phone or from a printed sheet.

Yes, from now on it is possible to amend your visit date up to 5 times via our booking portal. To register, you need the confirmation number of your booking and the e-mail address you used for the booking.

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If your desired day or time slot is not available, the time slot has reached its maximum capacity. Please choose another time slot for your own safety. 

FAQ: Your visit

Children under the age of three do not have to wear a mask.

The well-being and health of our visitors and employees are our highest priorities, that's why we cannot provide the following experiences at the moment: Show feedings and touch pools.

FAQ: SEA LIFE Annual Pass

Every SEA LIFE annual pass that has been already purchased will keep its validity. The period of validity will start on the first day of activation in one of our attractions.

Please keep in mind that the SEA LIFE annual pass can only be activated in the SEA LIFE location over which you purchased the pass online. 

You can activate and collect your new SEA LIFE annual pass within a month after the attraction reopened. You will receive a new annual pass. The new expiration date depends on the day on which you activated your extension at site. Please keep in mind that you can only activate and collect your annual pass at the SEA LIFE location where you purchased it online.