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  • SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand, European coasts

About the octopus

The octopus is generally as intelligent as a dog. It is very curious and capable of learning. The octopus often camouflages its hiding place with stones and shells and thus adapts it optimally to its surroundings. Since its blue-green blood is very thick, three hearts beat in its small body. The eight tentacles have suction cups with which it can hold on to the ground or its prey.

From 22.11.21 applies:

Admission only in compliance with the 2G rules (recovered or vaccinated) for everyone aged 18 years / 3G rules (including tested) from 6 to 17 years and the mask requirement for everyone from 6 years. Children under 6 years are exempt from the test and mask requirement. Admission can only be guaranteed with an online ticket or a time slot reservation.

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