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American lobster

  • SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand, Rock Cave

About the American lobster

The American lobster lives, as its name already says, at the North American Atlantic coast. However, this does not mean that it only occurs there. Since a few years it can also be found on Norwegian, Swedish and even Danish coasts. 

The most impressive thing about lobsters are the incredibly strong claws. But did you notice that his scissors vary in size? The lobster uses the big scissors like a knight uses his shield in defense. The small scissors come into play during the meal. Instead, he uses both scissors as cutlery. While he holds the prey with the big one, he chops it up into bite-sized pieces with the small one. Since it likes to eat animals living on the ground such as mussels and worms, it stays primarily in the rocky underground in gaps and holes. Fun fact: most lobsters are left-handed.

Why is the lobster not red? Many people think so when they see our lobsters. In nature there are different colored lobsters. Whether blue, brown or green. They only turn red when they come into contact with boiling water.