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Field trips

We are currently unable to offer excursions for schools. We kindly ask for your understanding.

With us at SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand, school classes can observe, discover and experience the underwater world with all their senses.

We want to ensure that future generations can enjoy the biodiversity in our oceans,too. We want to inspire the pupils for the protection of the oceans and arouse their curiosity for their inhabitants. Our educational offerings complement the visit and create a learning experience in an extraordinary environment, the insights of which can be grasped and deepened over the long term.

At SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand you can choose from three exclusive school tours and a combination ticket offer for your excursion. This should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

Advantages for school classes

  • Discounted entrance fee from 4,95 € per student & 2 teachers free of charge per 15 students
  • Preferred admission without waiting times
  • Personal greeting
  • SEA LIFE visitor support in the aquarium
  • Lectures by our underwater experts and answers to all questions
  • different guided tours can be booked upon request
  • free download of teaching & working materials for the classroom 

Guided tours

Das SEA LIFE bietet verschiedene Touren, zum Beispiel zum Thema Wasser für Kinder an

Explorer tour

The classic SEA LIFE school tour exclusively for school classes can be adapted according to class level.

A fun tour through the entire exhibition area: from the rainforest to the depths of the oceans, the students experience the most exciting animals and their special characteristics up close and get lots of information worth knowing.

965X515 Strand

Beach excursion

Discover what the sea leaves on the sand on an excursion to the Baltic Sea beach. In addition to exciting information about the origins and special features of the Baltic Sea, the students collect flotsam and jetsam, which is then examined together with the visitor supervisor. Questions are clarified: Why did some sea creatures turn to stone? Why, at first glance, not everything that looks like seaweed is seaweed?

The beach excursion can only be carried out if the weather is suitable. Alternatively we offer another guided tour in the attraction.

Das SEA LIFE ist ein toller Ort, um außerhalb der Schule zu lernen

Deception, tricks, camouflage

Experience fascinating deception maneuvers of rather inconspicuous water inhabitants. Here the children learn more about the tricks of the smallest sea dwellers - Why do fish swim in shoals or why do clownfish live in anemones? With our visitor supervisors, the students can discover the camouflage skills of some animals that are difficult to unmask. On the guided, interactive tour through the different areas, the students explore the survival strategies of the animals on and in water.

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Due to the current situation, we cannot offer field trips at the moment.

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Pre-visit for teachers free of charge

Our special offer for the preparation of your class trip: All interested teachers and educators can visit SEA LIFE free of charge as part of the preparation of their class trip. Up to 3 accompanying persons pay 50% of the regular adult daily ticket price (children under 3 years free of charge). For this purpose the following form must be filled out, stamped and brought along on the day of the visit.

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Für Kinder ist das SEA LIFE ein faszinierender Ort, in dem sie viel lernen

Pre-visit for teachers