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Annual pass extension calculator

Use the handy calculator below to work out how long your annual pass is extended for

Local Annual Passes

All local annual passes* that were still valid during the November 2020 lock-down period have been extended by just over 200 days, to cover the full closure period from November 2020 to late April 2021.

Please note that any passes with an original expiry date before 5th July 2020- which were subject to an extension to cover spring 2020 closures- are no longer valid, having expired prior to the November lock-down.

Had your local pass reprinted at the attraction?

Please note that if you had your local pass reprinted following the spring 2020 closure, you should deduct four months from the expiry date printed on your new pass to enter into the calculator in order to generate your extended expiry date.

The date printed on your new pass is already inclusive of a 4 month extension for the spring 2020 closure

New Expiry Date Calculator:

Let us help you find your new expiry date by entering your original expiry date in the input below. Please note that your pass shows the date in format yyyy-mm-dd

Original Annual Pass Expiry Date: