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Tropical Reef

April 2

Meet April the rescued Olive Ridley Turtle!

Be enchanted by our rescued Olive Ridley Turtle, she resides in our Tropical Reef area alongside an assortment of amazing rays! 

  • April was rescued from The Maldives in 2021 - she was injured and unfortunately left unable to survive by herself in the wild so she now calls SEA LIFE Loch Lomond home!
  • Look at our Cownose Rays - these smiley guys get their name from the shape of their nose. In the wild, Cownose rays can migrate from the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil. Scientists are still trying to discover why the rays travel such great distances.
Undulate Ray

Native Ray

We have Native species of ray in our Deep Loch Tank including both Thornback Rays and Undulate Rays.

These species of ray do not have 'stings' in their tail but do still have a pair of incredibly strong jaws designed for crushing up molluscs and crustaceans.

All of the amazing species you can see in our Deep Loch Tank are native to the UK and found in our coastal waters. 

Be enchanted by the lovely April, an Olive Ridley Turtle!

As well as April, we also have a variety of rays swimming around in our Tropical Reef area.

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