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Enter the Lair of Claws

Prepare to meet the armoured division of the underwater world and learn about the amazing strength they have, making them some of the most feared predators on the sea bed.


Marvel at the weird and wonderful creatures, including the giant Japanese Spider Crab - the world's largest species of crab - which when fully grown will have the leg span to step over a Mini Cooper car!  


The new feature also includes Goldilobs, a rare golden lobster that avoided the boiling pot after being donated to the aquarium by a seafood wholesaler.


Claws will also feature a Peacock Mantis Shrimp, one of the most brightly coloured animals in the world. Despite its pretty exterior, it is also one of the sea’s most feared predators. The shrimp can move its arms with such a force that the water around it boils.


From the tropical blue lobster to crawfish and squat lobsters, the Lair of Claws includes more than 20 species of ‘Claws’ for visitors to discover.






Don't Miss...

Scotland's LARGEST collection of Shark species being fed in our Ocean Tank every second day at 13.30. If the Tropical Sharks aren't being fed on the day of your visit then our Deep Loch Tank containing our Native Sharks and Rays will be!