We began work on our Cow Nose Ray tank in early 2016. Previously this tank had housed our native shark and ray species along with some species of native marine fish. The Cow Nose Ray tank was part of a £150,000 investment into shark and ray breeding and conservation here at Loch Lomond. 




The total project took around 4 months from beginning to end during which we not only created our new Cow Nose display but also a new Deep Loch Tank for our native sharks and rays; 3 new saltwater tanks where our freshwater area had previously been, showcasing the variety of creatures that can be found in Scotland's Lochs and various other tropical tanks with new creatures.

Our Cow Nose Ray exhibit officially opened to the public on March 25th 2016.

With the addition of these rays, as well as several other shark species, we now house the largest collection of shark species in Scotland. The renovations have also allowed us to build new a Tropical Shark Nursery, giving us dedicated space to hatch and rear baby tropical shark and ray species for the first time.


Don't Miss...

Our twice daily Cow Nose Ray feeding sessions at 14.30 and 16.00, where you can find out all about these amazing creatures. Learn why they're always hungry and why they need fed several times a day!